ARCHIVE / Why is it important to use a database wrapper?

Database wrappers allow software applications that access database management systems to do so indirectly instead of encoding specific database access functions within the applications' control functionality. The primary reason it is important to use database wrappers is that access to database management systems can be achieved in multiple ways. Some application installations may need to use a database connectivity schema such as ODBC or JDBC. Some application installations may be able to use native database connectivity. Other application installations may require variable preprocessing or not be able to bind database query parameters. A secondary reason is that software applications may need to switch to a different database management system at a later date, often for nontechnical reasons. While the use of a database wrapper is generally insufficient to allow for the switching of database management systems due to their divergence from standardized SQL, database wrappers do help facilitate such transitions by limiting code changes to SQL alone rather than both SQL and the primary application language.

last updated 2008.03.03


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