JDBC is the primary API for the Java programming language used to access database management systems (DBMSes), most especially relational ones.  The term JDBC stands for Java Database Connectivity and is very similar in many ways to ODBC with which it can interoperate.  Like ODBC, JDBC relies upon a Driver Manager and distinct database drivers to handle connections to database management systems.

There are different types of JDBC database drivers available.  Type 1 drivers use a combination of an ODBC driver with JDBC-ODBC bridging software.  Type 2 drivers combine a Java wrapper with a native DBMS API.  Type 3 drivers provide access to a middleware application on the database server that converts JDBC requests to DBMS API calls.  Type 4 drivers convert JDBC requests directly into DBMS requests using the DBMS's proprietary network protocol.  Additionally, internal JDBC drivers are sometimes provided by Java-enabled DBMSes.

last updated 2007.10.19


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