ARCHIVE / What is Java best suited for?

Because the Java programming language was designed to effectively be run on any computing platform, Java has been used in every situation where a software developer has wished to write one application and have it run on a variety of different types of computing platforms, whether personal computers, servers, palm-top computers, mobile phones or the computers embedded in machines such as automobiles. The problem with this approach is that, in the world of computing, one size does not fit all. The processor speed and memory requirements needed to make an application usable may exceed the capabilities of the hardware it is being run on. Likewise, the ability to access other system components, such as audio output, video output or the wireless networking component of a palm-top device, are not likely to be available in all cases.

Subsequently, while Java can be used to program almost any application, it is best suited for developing applications for mobile phones and smart cards due to each having a variety of hardware types performing similar functions. Java is also well suited for client-server networked applications, given that both client and server computers are often found to be running different operating systems.

last updated 2007.09.24



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