ARCHIVE / What is business logic?

The term "business logic", in the context of web applications, refers to the functional requirements of a system which pertain to an organization's operating requirements.  This compares with the "interface logic", used to define the mechanisms with which a person might interact with a web application, and "data model," used to specify the structure of and relationships among the different types of information pertaining to the application. 

An example of business logic would be a set of requirements where system users with a given permission are required to review and approve or reject submissions of a given type made by system users who have been given a different sort of permission.  Another example would be a verification that credit card payments only be processed if a complete address is provided.

In general, the proper development of business logic for web applications requires the understanding and approval of those individuals with managerial authority over a project.  Otherwise, developers may implement a system based on assumptions which conflict with the actual business requirements of the organization.

last updated 2009.10.06



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