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The term Apache when referencing the Internet can relate to either the Apache Software Foundation or the Foundation's HTTP Server.  In most cases, however, when people speak of Apache they are referring to the Apache HTTP Server software.  In many ways, the Apache HTTP Server is ubiquitous.  This web page was transmitted to you by way of Apache server software and chances are that most of the web pages you've ever seen have been as well.  The reasons for this are that Apache software is free, fast, extremely customizable and extremely well-tested.  Subsequently, there generally isn't a strong reason to use any other web server software unless you're hosting your web site on Windows, which we advised against, and even then you can certainly use Apache's HTTP Server.

Regarding the Apache Software Foundation, the Foundation has actually developed a number of interrelated software applications, all of which are free and open-source.
Some of the most well-known projects are mod_perl, Tomcat and SpamAssassin.

last updated 2007.09.25


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