AJAX is a technique for developing more responsive web pages and applications.  As an acronym, AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML which provides a concise description of the technologies it uses.  The principle behind AJAX is that loading only the part of a web page that needs to be altered is more efficient and responsive than loading an entire page.  By using XML as the basis for passing data back and forth, it becomes easier to integrate changing data sets coming from or going to third parties.  The use of XML also allows for the insertion of XHTML code directly into an area on the web page from a different URI.

For an example of AJAX in action, please refer to the Past Projects page.

Because of the common use of the term, many people consider AJAX to be any technique that uses asynchronous JavaScript calls regardless of whether XML is used as the means of data transmission.  However, that impression is not correct.  In fact, companies like Ascher Consulting & Development have been using asynchronous JavaScript for web applications development since prior to the use of the term AJAX.

last updated 2007.10.15



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