ARCHIVE / What is a splash page?

The term "splash page" is used to refer to a web page made distinct from the remainder of a web site and generally intended to impress visitors to the site (i.e., to make a splash).  Historically, splash pages made use of the Adobe (previously Macromedia) Flash plug-in to display animation and sometimes provide sound as well.  Because people who had already seen the splash page most likely would not want to see it again, it also became customary to provide a link such as "Skip Intro" which brought the visitor to another entry page for the remainder of the site.

Due to the time and effort required to create complex animations, splash pages were once used as evidence of a web site having signficant resources and organizational backing.  This is one of the reasons that splash pages were generally placed as the initial page for a given domain rather than providing a link to the splash page from another page on the site.

last updated 2009.10.13


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