ARCHIVE / What does RDBMS stand for?

RDBMS, sometimes written RDMS, stands for Relational Database Management System and is used to describe essentially all of the database management systems in common use today. Though often thought of as software packages, databases are technically just collections of data, such as a list of facts and figures in a file. It is the database management systems that allow one to query and manipulate those facts and figures that form the basis of what most people normally think of as being a database today. The term "relational" is used to distinguish database management systems that can only access tables of data individually from those that can maintain the relationships between tables of data in order to allow for more complex querying and data normalization. Because most modern database management systems are relational, the R in RDBMS is sometimes dropped to form DBMS but never to form DMS, which stands for Document Management System.

last updated 2007.09.25


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