ARCHIVE / Should we use a splash page on our web site?

In the vast majority of cases, we recommend that your site avoid the use of splash pages.  Aside from their generally having fallen from favor, they tend to be a wasteful use of funding for web site development as they yield little, if any, return on investment.  The primary reason for this stems from perception concerns.  As most web sites are informational in nature, people generally look for specific information when they go to a web site rather than hoping to be entertained.  Even for web sites designed specifically to entertain (e.g., YouTube and Hulu), people wish to see the entertainment they are looking for rather than seeing a splash page get in the way of them reaching their goals.  Because of this, splash pages have often had the opposite effect of what their creators envisioned, yielding annoyed instead of interested visitors.

A secondary reason to avoid splash pages is that web sites are often accessed directly by way of search engines rather than people typing in a domain URL, such as  Thus, even if a splash page would have impressed a given visitor, there is a high probability that the visitor would never see the splash page at any point in their visit.

last updated 2009.10.13


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