ARCHIVE / How do I get rid of the image toolbar when hovering over images with Internet Explorer?

One of the unfortunate features provided by Microsoft's Internet Explorer is the  graphical pop up menu, referred to as the Image Toolbar, that automatically appears when hovering over images on certain web sites.  If you'd like to avoid having this behavior occur for your own site, you can include the following bit of HTML or XHTML in the header section of your pages:

<meta http-equiv="imagetoolbar" content="no"/

If you want to prevent the image toolbar from appearing for other sites when using Internet Explorer, from the browser go to Tools > Internet Options...  Then click on the Advanced tab and scroll down to the Multimedia section.  There you will find the Enable Image Toolbar check box.  Uncheck the box, press the OK button, close all your Internet Explorer windows and then restart Internet Explorer.

last updated 2007.10.23



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